In search of the truth

It takes about 10 minutes in the morning to get from home to work. Just enough to wake up completely and shake off the dreams that filled me in the night with stories that, despite all the imagination with which they are intertwined, hold fast to the truth. Truths that define me as both a human being and a person with a camera in his hand. After all, it’s not hard to write a story if you’ve experienced it and found it in all the moments that have befallen you.


It doesn’t take much to realize that the stone you throw into the water never creates the same ripples, so the story affects people differently. I remember a man who told me that truth is like a flame. It depends on the fuel beneath it. Any confusion ends sooner or later with sharpness and total focus, and that’s when the perfect story and the perfect title for it unfolds in me as well. I’m a photographer, and that’s why the easiest way to show this is through photography; people find their own words for it. And it’s easier to find the words if the story is completely wrapped up in the search for truth.


Maybe that’s why I brought my dream to life yesterday? Maybe …


Maybe it’s because of these dreams that I will find a way to play with the ripples I created yesterday.


Is light also part of the truth I was looking for? hmm … Full of questions …


I already have the stone in my hand… I just have to throw it.