DS composites

When a photo takes flight…

I’ve been a big fan of modeling and RC flying for a while now, from an early age come to think of it. Grega Urbančič is a friend from primary school and is one of those people to whom modeling genes were handed down from his parents. When we were kids, we spent quite some time in his small basement workshop. These were the times when balsa wood was pure gold for a modeler, and the smell of glue transported you to a higher plane(!). At that time, we really appreciated every project that succeeded because all the plans were in paper format, and there was no possibility of googling or checking out a youtube video if we got stuck. It was also difficult to find parts for model making at that time. We had to be quite resourceful and persistent. We were free to explore the laws of physics, which occasionally resulted in broken parts but never grim faces.

I recently reconnected with this group of friends, and was amazed by all I had missed over the years. Grega is now a seasoned pilot of real aircraft, and also at the pinicale of the modeling world. I also met someone who, about ten years ago, created a company that deals specifically with RC aircraft models, a company that is going from strength to strength, pushing the boundaries of modern flying with models made of composite materials. When I met Denis, I met a person who aroused a lot of respect and interest in me because he really is a man that has created everything he has acomplished with his own hands. When I come to his workshop every Friday after work, which is intended for a group of friends and modelers, someone always comes up with ideas and theses on topics of interest. You could say that these are productive meetings that accept just about every idea and thought. One just wonders and wonders at how far the technology has come in 40 years, and where it will go next.

If you are full of questions and have a desire to learn or improve your modeling skills and flying, DS Composites is the perfect place. There is a group of people out there who help make children’s dreams take flight.

Its flying perfections can be found at https://www.ds-composites.eu/, but please be aware that due to demand, the waiting period is quite long.

Come, fly with us…