Andrea Horgan

I am always overwhelmed by the stories of people in whom I find stories, emotions, and life experiences. I notice over and over again that in a conversation with a man whose life is a very well-written book, I can talk for hours and hours… I immerse myself in a world that is something more, …which is the essence of the journey through life. Andrea Horgan is one of those people who has aroused a lot of respect and questions in me. I met her through a friend who I can say is one of those whom I would call in the middle of the night when wrestling with a difficult decision. Despite living on an island 1500 km away, he is close to me in a personal sense of the connection between two people and true friendship. Andrea is his life companion, and I can say that she is a woman in the true sense of the word. She reminds me a lot of my recently deceased sister, whom I adored. She, too, was a person of wisdom and the right decisions in life, and a tremendous support to her immediate surroundings.

Andrea is one of those artists who, with her approach, discovers and shows all people the beauty in the patterns and colours of this world. When I met her, I basically discovered that colour has a huge impact on our well-being and mood in everyday moments. I could talk to you for hours and write about her passion for what she does, but it would be easier if I invite all of you who read and follow me to have a look at her website andreahorgan.com, where you will discover that magical touch and see her work.

In fact, I can’t wait to be able to host Jernej and Andrea again in my home, where we can have a barbecue until late in the evening and spice up our always interesting course of the day. I also hope that I don’t forget to pour Jernej a new concoction (fliegensnops), which I managed to produce this winter, because I know that disinfection is extremely important in these days and times of new viruses.

I also have a unique drop ready for his heart half, which I think will suit a woman with an Irish touch of femininity.

Probably Jernej will come again with a characteristic smile, and accompanied by a humorous input, which immediately puts you in a friendly mood, restorative drop in the hand and chatting well into the night.