Abel Von Rust

Wood survives even the most enduring of ice ages as its warmth does not fade with time.

In these strange times, when our thoughts are mainly concerned with the pandemic and the problems of all mankind, I have had the opportunity to get to know a man who does not create or invent but rather uncovers layer after layer of old forms and forgotten things. He shows us beauty with his artistic soul, where she was all the time… just well hidden from us.

We could say that sometimes a person discovers a new path in himself, which invites him every night and calls for gestures that break the monotony of cruel everyday life. I remember the story of an old samurai looking for the perfect flower in his garden. He was so convinced of his purpose that he dedicated his whole life to it because he was convinced that by doing so, he was honouring his existence. Did he ever find it? I don’t know… probably the search itself revealed more truth than found by many people who “own” the most beautiful flowers… Interesting…

With these thoughts, I tried to describe a man who, with simple and unique gestures, shows people his way of searching. I don’t know, maybe his approach reminds me of myself, because I also try to find the story within an image and not outside… Because the story shines through if it captures the sincere touch of the original creator and he who has created something new by revealing its hidden beauty. With this record, I bow to a man who is creating something that has seemingly been lost… Aleš found it…. And he showed us again…

With respect to the artist Aleš Belšak. You can see his work here.