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Od danes 24.8.2015 naprej, so v Mariboru na poštni ulici (Isabella) razstavljene moje fotografije.

Isabella je znana po zelo veliki izbiri piva in različnih vrst solat, zato vsi vljudno vabljeni na dobro postrežbo in ogled fotografij.


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Yesterday, when I was looking at the photo of the person who co-created my birth, I relived many moments and I believe that the photo is the one thing that opens a drawer of memories and unlocks the path to memories, like a code lock, to all the moments that have created a life and relations to the people I have lived with … In reality every photo is a small key to specific feelings inside us … and the memories are one of the most precious things in life … And each one is worth remembering.

In končno je prišel čas tudi za prvo razstavo, kjer bom dal na ogled nekaj izmed nagrajenih fotografij.  

Finally, the time for my first show has come where some of my photos will see the light of day for the first time. I am happy, but at the same time I am very nervous. However, I cannot wait to see the photos on the lit wall, available for enjoyment to all the visitors and photo admirers.

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