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Fishing weekend

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on 01 August 2014 by

Finally, the long awaiting  fishing weekend with my girlfriend and friends has started. The whole weekend with the fishing stick by the St. Trojica lake, surrounded by my friends, who can wish for anything better? My companion is, of course, my Nikon, that marks light in the mornings and in the evenings. It is said, that morning defines the day, and I totally agree with that J I just pray that it does not rain. If the opportunity arises, I would love to try my   ND1000 filter; I sure hope the conditions will be good. So, let's start.

Where is my nikon

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on 08 July 2014 by

Today I have been observing scenes in nature from the car and I immediately thought of Nikon. I was really upset with myself for not taking it with me. What good does it make in the living room, nicely tucked in the bag?! Whereas I have already seen at least three scenes worth taking photographs.

The light embracing Pohorje was impressive. Well, I said to myself: »Tadej, every mistake has its price.« Although my camera-friend weighs a few pounds, his weight is as light as a feather comparing with lost moments like this one. There is always the next time!

Since in the photography taking I try to express mainly my emotions, I will try to share emotions with you as well. Because emotions are the ones which define the essence of each photography.

A while ago, when I started taking photographs, I was talking to my friend, who introduced me to photography. We started talking about the essence of photography. I was convinced that the photography taking is just a snap of the camera and nothing else. Now, approximately two years later, I find that answer really ridiculous. To not reveal everything at once, I will try to explain that in the stories that surround me.

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