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Forced to walk :)

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on 16 October 2014 by

More than a month has passed since my last writing and I have gained a lot of knowledge and experiences. A friend of my suggested to send some photos to newspaper Digital camera, so I went to work. I chose a few of my best works and sent them to the newspaper … Let's see what happens. Since I have time on my hand, because my better half was away with her family, I used the time, hopped on my bicycle (which had already been covered with dust) and took it out to lovely fresh air and sunshine.

It has started

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on 19 August 2014 by

Today I checked my mail and saw two surprises. One of my photographs was chosen for publication in Portuguese online magazine »Shot« for July 2014, the second photograph was a finalist in photo contest »spring 2014« on website ViewBug. It was chosen amongst more than 12000 photographs, so you can imagine I was really thrilled :)

The end of holidays

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on 17 August 2014 by

The end of holidays and head cleansing J. Thank God, the weather was very good for lying on the beach, but not so good for taking photographs, which requires a little more »extreme« weather conditions. I dedicated my time more to street photography, where hard light is more tolerated. I noticed the difference between places meant for tourism and places for local people, where they live. No one was bothered by my camera and I did not feel like I am intruding into people's privacy. Yes, people really are strange creatures. When we are on holidays, we do not feel so threaten when we are caught on some photograph. Where on the other side, when at home, we tend to feel that same thing as a threat. When my better half was reading a book, I could discover life and moments among city walls and light.  At night I could try my  nd1000 filter, but I found out my idea of fogging the waves wasn't the best, since my destination was too peaceful and I did not get the desired effect.

The holiday ended the same as it started: too quickly.

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