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Unforgettable weekend

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on 04 November 2014 by

Well, I finally managed to spend a few days with my dear sister. We had postponed it way too many times. It was great, because we combined work with pleasure; I decided to do some work for their company.

Photography is my passion, so I will make book covers for them. On top of that I will also do the layout. My sister and I talked about the times we lived together ... yes, my sister is a really helpful person, who has helped me to overcome many obstacles and helped me see the right way.This is something it will always stay with me. Well, the two days ended all too quickly and soon I was on my way back home.

Goodbye friend

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on 24 October 2014 by

How time is important, you become aware when you lose an animal, pet and a friend. Just a short time ago I  called him and he would run out of the woods and growl at my desire to stroke him. Today he has fallen to sleep forever.

Forced to walk :)

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on 16 October 2014 by

More than a month has passed since my last writing and I have gained a lot of knowledge and experiences. A friend of my suggested to send some photos to newspaper Digital camera, so I went to work. I chose a few of my best works and sent them to the newspaper … Let's see what happens. Since I have time on my hand, because my better half was away with her family, I used the time, hopped on my bicycle (which had already been covered with dust) and took it out to lovely fresh air and sunshine.

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