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In končno je prišel čas tudi za prvo razstavo, kjer bom dal na ogled nekaj izmed nagrajenih fotografij.  

Finally, the time for my first show has come where some of my photos will see the light of day for the first time. I am happy, but at the same time I am very nervous. However, I cannot wait to see the photos on the lit wall, available for enjoyment to all the visitors and photo admirers.

My equipment

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on 09 April 2015 by

After a long time I am here again. I would like to focus on the equipment I am using and I plan to use.

As any beginner I had a lot of problems with all the buttons and settings, so of course I bought the basic model. My friend, who is responsible for my love for photography had Nikon, so it was only logical to buy Nikon. That was model D3100. At the beginning every click was a masterpiece (not!) and when I think of all the questions it makes me laugh. Tadej, Tadej! Well, I overgrew that model quickly, but on the way I realized that the secret to a good photo is in lightening and lens. Of course one cannot neglect the right settings and creativity, but the light is the thing that makes the most.

New challenges

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on 14 February 2015 by

The beginning of the year is the time we try to save money. Christmas presents thinned our wallets, so my wallet is now a little easier to carry but a lot sadder to look into. There was a lot of happening so for me all good things compensate for this shortage.

A have also recovered from flu, so I just keep my fingers crossed that that was it for now. I did have a lot of time for thinking and working on my photos. I discovered I have managed to compile quite a lot of material, so there was no fear of my being bored.

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TadexxAt first Tadej took up photography as a hobby. Gradually he began to get absorbed into expressing his own inner self. He defines his style through narrative in scenic photography. Later on he was captivated by fantasy compositions, made possible by the use of digital photography.Read more About me

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